Vibha responds to the historic floods now affecting the state of Kerala

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Vibha is a social venture  catalyst

that Seeds


and Scales

solutions to the systemic ills that affect the lives
of underprivileged children in India.

Learn the extent of this problem, our cure for it, the impact of our efforts and how you can join us to bring light into the lives of these children.


It was an amazing experience to play with children at Sangrun. Good part of our workshop was we were having the theme “team-work & unity” that got reflected from our games, and children also enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to Vibha for encouraging such activities which are trying to imbibe values in our future generation which will going to build a good and strong nation.


I have been involved with Vibha from last 3-4 years, mostly by participating in their fun events in bay-area. I must say that it's a very well run organization with dedicated volunteers. I am confident that it will grow leaps and bounds in coming years and make a difference for millions of kids.

Rajiv Arora

I was a participant in Vibha’s Dream Mile Run 2009. I must confess that the volunteers seem like an extremely dedicated group of individuals and very innovative in kind of events they come up with to raise funds for the less fortunate children back home. Guys! Vibha is lucky to have you as volunteers. Keep up the good work.

Asmita Jadhav

Vibha is an organization which helps you play on your strengths to make a difference to the underprivileged children in India. The untiring passion and relentless commitment that each of the members bring to the organization topped with a noteworthy cause is what makes me proud to be associated with it.


Vibha In Numbers

$ 600k invested
annually into Social change that matters
255+ grass
roots social entrepreneurs seeded
corporate partners
helping with social change
spirited volunteers across
India & USA
NGOs working closely to
scale successful solutions